Online refills are easy at
White Cross Pharmacy

Opt-in to Text Messaging and Text Refills!

Our pharmacy system can text you messages when you are due for refills, have a prescription ready, or when we have something to say! You can respond to refills due texts with a simple “yes” response and we’ll get your prescription ready! It’s that easy. Just call us or visit us to opt-in to this very convenient feature.

Two Convenient Ways to Order Refills

The Mobile App

Ordering Refills from your smartphone is easy. Just use the RefillRx Mobile App available from Google Play or the Apple App store. After download and install, find our pharmacy to begin sending in your refills – you can even scan the barcode on your bottle to send in your refill request (except for labels produced by our automated dispensing robot) and send messages to the pharmacy. There is no easier way to refill a prescription!

Ordering from your internet browser

Online refills are easy at White Cross Pharmacy after some basic setup. The first step is registration with Using the link above you’ll go through the registration process where you will:

  • Search for and select the correct location of White Cross Pharmacy using the zip code and the last 4 digits of our phone number (Priest River 1633, Sandpoint 9080, Spirit Lake 8485).
  • Confirm your presence within our system by matching up some of your basic information with the information that we have in our computer system such as name, phone number, address, and an example prescription number from one of your bottles. (Information must match so if your information has changed you may need to help us update your profile).
  • Select a username and password.
  • Use the user-friendly interface to select your prescriptions for refill or just enter the prescription number!

This interface is linked to our pharmacy system so you can see your current medication list.

Get started with online refills by going to

Transfer Prescriptions

Pharmacies are able to transfer current prescriptions form one pharmacy to another. As long as your prescription has refills and is not expired, it can most likely be transferred. Feel free to call or email us and we would be happy to help you with this process.

Fill a New Prescription at White Cross Pharmacy

White Cross Pharmacy is here for you. We can fill prescriptions in various forms: written prescriptions that you bring to us, e-prescribed prescriptions sent to us electronically from the doctor, prescriptions faxed to us, and prescriptions phoned into us. If you are a new customer to us, then we will need some basic information before we can fill your prescription. You can contact us at any of our three locations to give us that information or fill out the form below. We will also need your most current insurance information.

New to White Cross Pharmacy?

If you have never filled a prescription at White Cross Pharmacy and you are considering using our services you can save yourself some time at the store by printing out our patient information form and filling out the information ahead of time. Completing this form, along with any prescription insurance information that you have, is all you need to get started using our services. Click here to be taken to the patient information form.