Compounding and Pet Meds

White Cross Pharmacy

Compounding is the act of a pharmacist creating a customized dosage form from bulk ingredients or other dosage forms. Our compounders can often work with your medical provider to find a solution that works for you when you or your pet have a need that isn’t met by commercially available products. Patients have used our compounding services for many reasons including:

  • Making medications easier to take or apply
  • Access to medications and dosage forms not available from manufacturers
  • Improving the flavor of a medication
  • Customized doses

While White Cross Pharmacy prides itself on being able to deliver a huge variety of compounded medications, here are some of the areas patients have found most useful:

  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement (Female and Male)
  • Pet-tailored dosage forms
  • Pain relieving creams

White Cross Pharmacy has offered compounding since the opening of our Sandpoint location in 2003.   Since that time we have provided our community with over 600 individual customized medications for both humans and animals!  We continue to add to this total.  Talk to one of our staff about compounding if you have a need for a customized medication.